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January 4, 2009

Drunk Partying Tips

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Planning to get hammered at your next party?  Since we are party pros, we’ve put together a quick list of things to do and to not do next time you are out drunk partying. Read our tips and you will be sure to have great time and not wake up with a penis drawn on your face.

First tip is for getting drunk in general. This might be obvious but drink water too and don’t fucking drive. 90% of hangovers can be avoided or at least lessened when you just remembering to  drink water. Headaches (and worse) from car accidents on the other hand can’t be so just don’t drive. Most of the time when someone has a bad party experience it’s because they didn’t remember these two simple things.

Second tip for is drunk girls partying (actually guys too for that matter but this happens mostly to girls).  Watch you drink and don’t take a random drink from somebody you don’t know! If you are party noob you might not have heard about someone who got drugged (and worse) at a party but it happens all the time.  If you are smart and “keep a lid on your shit”  then it won’t happen to you.

Ok so enough about safety, what about having a good time drunk partying. Third tip is to force yourself talk to people you don’t know. If you are drunk, you will have extra confidence and maybe be less shy. You might make some new friends or have a hot hookup. If they suck, who cares, you’re drunk, you’re still having fun!

Forth tip is to be the one organize a group game or activity (then you get to make the rules). This is harder to plan drunk but if everyone else is drunk then they are more likely to go along. What kinda game? Well drinking games are fun and we have a bunch on this site so you can get some ideas.

Last tip? Don’t be an asshole. Don’t go pee on someone’s house. Don’t start a fight. Basically don’t do anything retarded that you are going to regret tomorrow. Just cause you’re drunk doesn’t make you invincible and people are gonna remember if you were the one making the party fun or the one causing a ruckus.

November 25, 2008

How To Drink a Sake Bomb Japanese Style!

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You know you want to be Japanese (that is, if you aren’t already!) so why don’t you start drinking like one. Learn how to drink Sake Bombs and impress everyone from the Land of the Rising Sun.

November 20, 2008

This Dude Has Seriously Crazy Dance Moves

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Brace yourself for some wicked nasty dance moves from this raver extraordinaire. Just be warned: If you dance like this, you’ll probably end up dancing in your backyard alone, just like this dude.

November 19, 2008

How To Play Beer Pong at a Party

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If you’ve never been to a party, you might be totally unaware of this little game called Beer Pong that has swept the nation. Sounds insane, but hey, some people really are party noobs.

If you’ve never heard of beer pong, check out this video. You’ll learn everything you need to know from picking up your ping pong balls to how much beer to put in your plastic cup.

August 26, 2008

More Ideas Coming Soon!

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Football season is party season!

July 1, 2007

Stupify your friends and god – put your cell phone in a beer bottle

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I know you love Criss Angel, that’s why I found you another party trick to make your friends into believers of the devil. Figure this one out and you’re going home with the panties of the hottest chick at your party.

Criss Angel At A PartyThe best bloopers are here

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